2018 Symposium Take-Aways

Cheryle Steddom, CFO, CMS Circuit Solutions – Professional Value of APICS

Cristen Stier, Shareholder & CPA, RP&B CPAs – Managing Growth

Alan Dunn, President, GDO Consulting – Accelerating Growth and Managing Growth Are the Same Thing

Mirna Elnar, CEO, Acura Spa Systems, Inc & Regal Spas, Inc. – US vs. China, NAFTA, Exports and Resources Available

David Porter, CEO, Rail Delivery Services – Opportunities in Supply Chain

Jon Armstrong, Co-Founder, Do It American Manufacturing – Culture is Key to Business Success

Diane Garcia, Supply Chain Professional – The Value of APICS

Lisa Anderson, President LMA Consulting and APICS – Inland Empire Chapter, Summaries the Spring 2018 Symposium

Derek Hall, Supply Chain Professional and Student – Why Attend APICS Symposium

Cheryle Steddom, CFO, CMS Circuit Solutions – Value of APICS for Students

Paige Quine, Student & President of APICS – UCR Chapter

Tiffanie Michado, Student – Why APICS is Important for Students